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IT Recruitment  

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- Recruit IT specialists

Our purpose is to find the professionals exactly

for your Company. Our professional experience in IT and financing fields works for you.


Our Special Job is recruiting IT specialists:

Economists, administrators, Web designers, Software Engineers, Algorithm Engineers, System Administrators… 

With the right:

   - Work experience and Education  for your Job  


  -  Personality Type for your Work Environment

  -  Career expectations for your Work Plan


Job Seekers

- Job search and Career resource 

- Create or Improve your CV

- Career Consulting


We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in the job  search process.  


During the consultation, we can help you:

- To make it clear what position you are better to apply for,

  according to your skills, experience and wishes and the

  job market  situation.

- To write or correct your CV to reflect your talents and

  experience  the best way.

 -To make your plan to get an excellent new job as soon

  as possible.

 -To answer your questions about the job search process. 

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