How to Write a Successful CV - Special Job

Feb 16 2013

To succeed in any field or task, you should really give this important matter a great deal of thought.

What is the role of the CV in the job search process? Is writing a professional resume really worth

your attention?


The resume is an advertisement for the person who seeks to find a new job.

 The answer is obvious if you compare the person seeking work with a company trying to sell its

products. Employees sell their knowledge, skills, experience, and time and labor. This is the product.

In successful firms, most of the budget is invested in advertising campaigns. Whole departments

spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that the company’s products are presented and marketed

in the best way and as widely as possible. They create a website, printed materials, advertising

videos, and so on. Why? Because advertising is designed to introduce potential buyers to the

goods, and their impressions of the product from this first meeting through time depend on the quality

of this advertising.


 Everything is important in CV writing: the form, the general literacy and professional approach...

The resume is an advertisement for the person who seeks to find a new job. It is that person’s first

meeting with the employer. It is all important—the form, the general literacy and professional approach,

and, of course, the content. 


CV design 

A clear design makes it easy to read, understand, and remember. So the employer will quickly be able

to recall information about the candidate. Good design also gives the impression of seriousness—that

the document and the candidate are both expert.


Presenting the information in the correct sequence allows you to provide the most important information

immediately. So the CV should first describe those things that most interest a potential employer, and it

should not be overloaded with insignificant details.


A competent professional presentation will be a good introduction of the specialist. It will show that the

applicant truly understands the meaning of the terms, owns professional language in the literal and

figurative senses.


So think about how to make your resume the best representation of you as an excellent professional.

 Developing this sort of CV, one that advertizes your professionalism, can greatly facilitate the job search,

increase the number of job proposals you receive, and allow you to apply for the most interesting and

profitable positions.


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